Reasons Why It's a Bad Idea for Startups to Outsource Software Development

If you don’t have an app developer on staff and are considering the implications of hiring one versus outsourcing your software and app development, there are many factors to consider. In fact, in the majority of cases, it is a bad idea, especially for startups, to outsource your software development. Here’s a few of the reasons why and why you should consider hiring an on staff app developer.

Make sure your goals align and remove contracting requirements

When working with any app developer, it’s good to make sure that their goals and your small business/startups goals are the same thing. It’s much easier to make sure this is the case when working with an on staff, in house app developer that you can hire and train to your specific needs and goals. Differing opinions can be a huge issue and can majorly stall any projects you are trying to undertake. Not to mention, having an app developer  on staff means that they also have a stake in the project besides just their name. They are part of the company and will push harder to develop a quality app that represents not only them but also the company. It also removes the complicated outsourcing contracting requirements that sometimes comes along with hiring a freelance mobile app developer.  When you go through the hiring process you can build all of that into your employment process once and not have to go back through it. See here:

Verify quality

With any mobile app developer, you want quality app development. With an in house app developer, you can keep a much closer eye on their work and make sure it lives up to your startup and your personal expectations. If the developer you hire doesn’t live up to your expectations, it can be difficult to make changes within the outsourcing company to try another developer or cancel your contact. Having them on your staff and working in house means you can stop in and check on them far more frequently to verify their work.

It can be difficult to manage outsources app developers and external issues

As stated above, managing outsourced app developers can be difficult for a variety of reasons, including the inability to monitor them as regularly as you can someone working in house. Often, you’ll need a dedicated employee whose whole job is just to monitor their work and provide feedback. Obviously, if you’re hiring someone for this role, it might make just as much sense to hire an in house mobile app developer and save yourself the middle man.  Also, the app developer can often become a scapegoat for other problems in the organization and gets lost in the shuffle. This allows you to have everyone in the same building and manage them accordingly.

When hiring a mobile app developer, many startups and small business wonder whether it really is worth it to hire an in house artist. There are many pitfalls associated with outsourcing your app developer and it is generally recommended to hire in house, when at all possible, to maximize potential and minimize issues. See more this site: