How to Become a Programmer: 8 Steps to Building an App from Scratch

Interested in becoming app designers of your generation? You are not alone because apps are highly popular and really some of the most used items in the world today. There are now more people than ever before using apps in one form or another and they really will offer up so much to users everywhere. However, how can you become a programmer? Following a few of the steps below and you might be well on your way to becoming a programmer today.

Research the Industry

What do you like and what is needed? Is there a market for a new diet app or do you think another game is what the app industry needs? These are the things you have to think about when it comes to designing and creating an app because if you don’t know your audience, you’re in serious trouble. It is a must to start off by researching the current industry so that you can understand where your app will be needed. Even if you’re tempted to hire app developers London, you still need to research the industry. If you don’t, you could be in a lot of trouble.

Map Out A Few Ideas

It’s important to come up with an idea or two for your application. Now, it doesn’t have to be something so outrageous or even out of this world, it just has to offer something useful and unique. You don’t need to go too over the top either, a nice simple app will be sufficient. It’ll help you to understand the basics of the app and whether or not the idea you’ve come up with is going to work for the industry and its current state. It wouldn’t hurt to look at consulting app designers to get their take on the idea. You should always have a few backup plans just in case one idea isn’t viable. continue reading on

List Your Functions

Every app should have a few things in which it can do and it’s important for you to list them. Outlining a few of the core functions will be important so that you can focus on them at this time. For instance, do you want users to create an account when using your app or have the ability to connect up to Google+ or Facebook? These are simple things you have to focus on, especially when working with app developers London. Forget all-in-one apps as they often present more problems than answers!

Draw the App or What You Want It to Look Like

Now is the time for you to draw a rough sketch of the app. You can come up with how you want each part of the app to look like, even the little app image that people see when they download and store on their smart devices. This will be ideal and really it’ll help you to understand which direction your app is going in, even when using app designers. Always sketch the app out and you’ll find it much easier.

Think About How the User Will Interact With the App

A lot of people forget about UI or users interaction but it’s a must in order to get a good app up and running. Now, it’s wise to consider having a simple interaction option such as touch screen as it’s basically what most people are used to. However, it doesn’t hurt to look into other ideas. Try to look into what is most popular when it comes to UI. App developers London can help with this if you don’t really know how to work on it.

The Database

Depending on the type of app you are creating, you must need to think about creating a database. Now, if you offer a service where users can log-in and create accounts, you have to ensure the database is able to store this information safely. This is really a difficult part when you aren’t too familiar with the concept but app designers might be able to help. Yes, you might want to do all this on your own but it’s hard when you have little to no experience.

Creating Your UX Wireframes

mobileIt’s not easy to code every part of your app so it’s wise to look into getting some tools online to help with wire framing. This will be a useful way to help create your UI flow or UX wire frames. You shouldn’t have too much trouble with this part when you have got things up and running of course. App developers London can help when you need a little extra assistance. What’s more, this is often a complex area to work with when you don’t have the experience.


As a programmer, you must be able to code your app so that the people can download and use it. Finding a suitable coding solution can take a little time so you have to look at what options are available to you. It doesn’t hurt to get a second opinion from app designers at this stage just to ensure you are going down the right track.

Love Your App

Becoming a programmer is a lot easier than it first appears and despite what you might think, it can be quite enjoyable. Once you have got your first app or two out there, creating the next will be a lot easier. It takes real time and patience to create a good app and over time, it can become simpler. Work with app developers London to get your ideas out there.