Three Popular Apps for Drivers

Your smartphone can be your best friend behind the wheel. Of course, we’re not talking about talking, texting or using social media behind the wheel. We’re talking instead about accessing tons of useful information that makes driving more efficient, safer and always less of a headache. You can always keep up-to-date on the latest developments within the car industry at Not only can you find expert and user reviews on practically every kind of car made for driving, but you can also find a car to buy, value your own car if you’re looking to sell, get help finding a trustworthy mechanic and so much more.

¬†Siri might be able to find a mechanic too, although she won’t be able to distinguish between shady and trustworth. Siri, the artificial intelligence component on the Apple platform is a popular app with drivers. It really allows you to do things on your phone hands free because you can give Siri commands like “find a mechanic in Springfield, Ill.” by speaking out loud. Siri can find a lot of information that could be helpful for you while driving and her popularity doesn’t appear to be waning.

¬†If you find yourself stuck in gridlock traffic with no obvious reason for the delay, consider checking out Trapster in the App Store. Trapster offers real time traffic events, accidents, delays and road conditions relative to your vehicle’s location. As you approach any area or driving condition that fellow users have noted in the system, the app will sound an alarm so you know to expect something on the horizon.

Keeping track of fuel spending and finding the best gas prices around can help keep the household budget in check. GasBook can help you do both. The app will search your geographic location to find the best gas prices in your proximity. You can opt for the closest station or drive to where the cheapest price may be. You can also track your fuel buying within the app and easily convert those to determine your average miles per gallon and more.